Despite his proclivity for really amazing writing, Shakespeare often spoke about the subject of word play.  He found it “foul and offensive.”  Reason enough to engage in it here at this blog.

Augustus Caesar’s wife was known to have a real penchant for growing berries, many of which found their way into the wine presses.

One of the berry strains became quite popular with the locals.  So much so that a plan was devised to appropriate the secret to her success.  A contingent of the Praetorian Guard was dispatched to capture either the recipe or Caesar’s wife.

Noticing them afar off, Caesar’s wife became troubled.  As they approached she demanded to know the nature of their visit.  Had they come to praise her skill?

Stated the captain of the Praetorian Guard….”We have come to seize her berry, not to praise it.”

It’s just the sort of thing Shakespeare never liked.